Named Entity Recognition

This demo showcases a set tools related to the recognition and resolution of Named Entities:

  • Named Entity Recognition: Generates a list containing the identified Named Entity types, e.g., person, organization, location or miscellaneous, as well as date or money expressions.
  • Coreference Resolution: Returns a list of nominal and pronominal expressions that refer to the same entity in a text.
  • Date Resolution: Resolves date expressions into precise timestamps.


German train drivers call new strike for next Thursday. GDL deputy chairman Claus Weselsky said the strike would affect regional and commuter trains. Weselsky said the strike would continue on Friday as well as next Monday. GDL boss Manfred Schell said the offer of a lump-sum payment of an additional 1,400 euros (1,990 dollars) was "insufficient". He said that a key GDL demand - for a separate contract - had not been met.

Tesla almost died earlier this year, CEO Elon Musk said in an interview with Axios that aired on HBO. Musk said the company was "bleeding money like crazy" as it worked through the Model 3 production ramp in the spring and summer. He said the company "came within single-digit" weeks of death before it was able to meet its Model 3 production goals.