Customer Communication Monitoring


You have large amounts of data taken from different customer communication channels and need to prioritize which pieces of feedback need your attention.

Data sources:

Email messages, call center transcripts, chat transcripts, other customer communication channels.


Analyze your communication channels and spot messages with negative sentiments or emotions, so you can act and respond faster.

Give your users more attention when required.

API modules

  • Sentiment Classifier
  • Emotion Classifier
  • Sarcasm Classifier
  • Speech Act Classifier

Case Study

Patterson Holdings, an investment company, is receiving an overwhelming number of incoming messages from customers.

To deal with this influx, they want to build an internal tool that helps them determine which emails require an immediate response and to whom they should be routed.

  • Using the sentiment, emotion, and sarcasm classifier results, emails from distressed users can be routed to the appropriate specialists.


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