Tasks and Commitments Extraction


You have large amounts of data taken from business communications and need to identify those requesting tasks or expressing commitments.

Data sources:

Email messages, chat transcripts.


Analyze your unstructured content and extract important tasks and commitments.

Tasks are presented in a rich format that simplifies integration within your applications, including a concise representation of priority patterns and suggestions of possible actions to take to complete the tasks.

API modules

  • Speech Act Classifier
  • Task Extraction

Case Study

Your Pal Friday, a service that offers remote executive assistance, is looking to add more functionality to the internal portion of their platform.

  • Using the task extractor, sentences that request scheduling can be funneled into a calendar application to automatically create meetings.
  • Sentences that request a phone call can be extracted and used to populate a VOIP application.
  • Sentences that express a need for electronic deliverables like reports can be used to jump start an email.


I have an urgent meeting this morning with the risk mitigations guys. Could you please send me the report you showed me yesterday about our emerging markets positions as soon as possible? Also, could you please tell Katie to come by my office this afternoon? I'd like to get her take on how next year's estimates are looking right now. By the way and before I forget, I promise I'll let you know about the birthday party this weekend asap.