Use Deep Learning to derive meaning from your textual data

Extract rich insight into what users are expressing in your application by identifying a wide range of language utterances. Our API offers advanced tools to recognize emotions, sentiments, sarcasm, and several speech acts, such as questions, requests, commitments, and desires.


The hotel location is perfect. Located directly across from the metro so it is easy to get everywhere. But the rooms are in great need of an upgrade. I had a king room with no view, and poor lighting. The color scheme in the room was drab and kind of depressing.

I really loved this device the first few months I had it and was ready to purchase more in this collection (Big Echo, Show, etc.) However, about 6 weeks ago my echo lost the ability to pause and play, which is very frustrating.

I just love it when people make plans for me without actually including me in this process

Identify abusive and harmful content automatically

Codeq’s abuse classifier can help you to identify insults, hate speech, racist or threat comments on user-generated content that needs to be constantly reviewed. Using our API as part of your community management solution, you can save time and resources while preventing malicious users from discouraging, harassing, and insulting other community members.


What you just said is utterly retarded. Illegals just take good American jobs and are mostly criminals and rapists. Do not come to the US illegally or we'll have to teach you a lesson. Go back to your shitty country, Mexican!

Oi freak why don't you shut up! You're just another sand nigger trying to destroy America. Take you BLM bullshit and shove it up your nasty ass. Go fuck yourself, mudslime!

Get a 360 degree overview of your information

Spot the people, places, organizations, and dates discussed in your texts. We enrich your content with semantic knowledge, so you can dissect the subject easily. In addition to the extraction and classification of Named Entities, our API also provides tools for their disambiguation based on a comprehensive and constantly updated knowledge graph.


Tesla almost died earlier this year, CEO Elon Musk said in an interview with Axios that aired on HBO. Musk said the company was "bleeding money like crazy" as it worked through the Model 3 production ramp in the spring and summer. He said the company "came within single-digit" weeks of death before it was able to meet its Model 3 production goals.

White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney and the president’s son-in-law and senior White House adviser Jared Kushner are trying to take the lead on the West Wing’s response to the impeachment inquiry, officials said. Mulvaney has led several meetings this week with White House officials on impeachment, which have included Kushner, a key conduit with the president’s re-election campaign. The Trump campaign has rolled out three impeachment-related ads in the last week, all echoing Trump’s language on corruption and accusing Democrats of leading a coup to remove him from office.

Read what's important and get the big picture faster

Identify the relevant content and avoid any information overload. Codeq's summarization technology allows you to encapsulate the important sentences of your texts.


A gunman who shot dead a uniformed officer outside the Biloxi police station remained on the run on Monday, the subject of an intense manhunt along Mississippi’s Gulf coast. It was unclear what prompted the killing of Officer Robert McKeithen, a 23-year veteran who was scheduled to retire this year. Biloxi’s police chief, John Miller, said police did not know if he was targeted, or the victim of a random act. The animal that did this is still on the run, Miller told reporters. We’re going to do everything within our power to bring him to justice for Robert and his family. Authorities say the man approached McKeithen in the station’s parking lot on Sunday night and shot him multiple times, either before or after coming inside the station.

Extract actionable content that needs your attention

Our API can analyze your unstructured content and extract important tasks. They are presented in a rich format that simplifies integration within your applications, including a concise representation of priority patterns and suggestions of possible actions to take to complete the tasks.


Hi, we need to finish the templates this week. Send me your changes as soon as you can. Also let me know your available times for the meeting before the end of the next week.

Hello John, this is a reminder of the company's Christmas party. Please confirm your assistance within the next two weeks.

Integrate NLP effortlessly to empower your business applications

Codeq's proprietary NLP technology offers developers a powerful set of linguistic analysis tools, including language identification, text segmentation, part of speech tagging and dependency parsing, providing all the basics to take your application to the next level.


The DOSS are great affordable speakers. I'll update my review in a few weeks! But my initial reaction is WOW. For the price the sound is great. The base is not bad either.

My friend had the original SoundLink and it was phenomenal. So I thought I would have to get one. However, this new speaker sounds terrible!